Stock In The Channel (SITC) is the largest search engine for IT resellers, manufacturers and distributors. With over 50,000 registered users and 1.5 million page views a month, resellers are guaranteed to find the right products at the right time, every time.

Stock In The Channel’s suite of eCommerce solutions includes sharing IT stock, compare prices, business intelligence, Magento plugins and add­ons, order automation, instant quoting tools, purchase approval systems and customer­ specific pricing. SITC is the only company with such a broad offer within the IT and office supplies industry and continues to grow its services.


Founded by brothers Tony and Paul Meyers in 2009, Stock In The Channel transformed the industry by offering the complete ecommerce package, giving the IT channel a site where it was possible to share, buy and sell IT hardware in one location.

Initially founded in the UK, SITC has now expanded its services to Europe, North America, and Australia ­ offering territory ­specific stock searches and sales.

Key Facts

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22 territories

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4 million